In addition to her inspirational Wedding Ceremonies, Reverend Ann Marie has created a unique and heartfelt Ceremony to bless a new child coming into a family. The traditional Church views Baptism as an opportunity to welcome the child into a specific faith tradition. Yet, there are many individuals who may not choose to be part of a particular faith tradition, at this time, even though their lives may reflect their spirituality.

    As a result, Rev. Ann Marie has designed a very meaningful Ceremony, adapted in part from the Eastern tradition. As the parents name their child, Rev. Ann Marie, using water from the Jordan River in Israel, anoints the child's four upper "chakras," or energy centers -- the heart (love) center, throat (power) center, center of forehead (or third eye - imagination) and crown chakra (top of the head.) At each of these energy centers Rev. Ann Marie speaks to the child and affirms the positive qualities that the child has brought into this life experience -- to encourage, to bless, and to heal. She blesses the child with heartfelt affirmations, which enfold the child in a loving energy to bless his or her journey through life.


Adults may also be baptized in a similar Ceremony, which has been said to "enhance the spiritual experience in their daily lives."


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