Rev. Ann Marie Acacio did an amazing job and a lot of guests from our wedding commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony. She took the time to really get to know us and asked us questions that enabled her to personalize our ceremony. She was also very accommodating when we were unable to drive to PA to meet (we live in NJ) and she skyped with us so that we could still get to know each other prior to the ceremony. We would recommend her regardless of what type of ceremony you are looking for because she will work with you to design something you are comfortable with.


     Dana and Jesse Fyffe

Reverend Ann Marie,


    We cannot thank you enough for our beautiful wedding ceremony. When we were first looking for someone to perform our ceremony, we were worried that it wouldn't be personal enough being performed by someone we had just met. After seeing what you were able to do with our ceremony, we know we made the absolute right choice. Even with over 200 guests, our ceremony was the most intimate, personal, and touching ceremony we have ever seen - and we had many people at the reception say the same thing, so we know we aren't just partial because it was ours! In just the short time that we met with you (conveniently over Skype!), you were able to really get to know us as a couple and make the best of those things a part of our ceremony.

    Ann Marie provided us a beautiful personalized wedding ceremony. We were able to tell her exactly what we wanted and she took our dream ceremony and made it a reality. She answered all of our questions and showed she truly cared about our wedding. Everyone at our wedding complimented us on our officiant. Steve and I are truly blessed Rev. Ann Marie united us in marriage. We will forever be grateful. If you want someone to give you the ceremony of your dreams, consider Rev. Ann Marie.


     Steve & Andrea Walski

    Rev. Ann Marie was thorough, helpful, and thoughtful throughout the creation of our wedding ceremony. She took all of our needs (mainly, we didn't want mention of religion or God) and created a beautiful ceremony that will be remembered for years to come. After the wedding, many people commented to us about her beautiful words. Rev. Ann Marie was also quite flexible in meeting times and even adjusted her own schedule so she could be at our rehearsal. We would most certainly recommend her for any type of event you wish to have.


     Chelsea and Jeff Schatt

    With our different levels of spirituality, that was also a concern, and you handled that perfectly as well. Being raised Catholic; Celia was worried that our outdoor ceremony wouldn't feel as sacred as a church wedding. However you (and we, based upon the selections you provided for readings) were able to have the perfect balance of spirituality for us as a couple.

    As you know, Celia's sister and Maid-of-Honor ended up having to watch the wedding via Skype from her hospital bed, so there was some last-minute change and emotion with our event. We really appreciate that you were able to work her into the event as well, and that you realized how important it was to do that.

    Your experience showed by your attention to the little details that we never would have thought of (such as the placement of the mic for the readers), and this just shows how perfect you are for what you do. We still talk all the time about how beautiful our ceremony was and how perfect our choice was for our officiant. Thank you so much for giving us these amazing memories.

    We would be happy to be references for you in the future, if needed.


        Thank you,

        Scott and Celia    (The Astheimers!)

   Thank you so much for marrying Steve and me. The ceremony was beautiful - parts of it made us cry. We will never forget how wonderful you are to us! All the best.

    Mindy and Steve Yankowich

     Reverend Ann Marie was one of the nicest people we had the chance to meet during our wedding planning process. She helped us bring a personal and unique ceremony to life with her ideas and support. She did not force any beliefs or requirements on us, and let OUR love and OUR beliefs be the basis of the day. She gave us guidance through the process, and she even has some little tricks up her sleeve as well, which we were pleasantly surprised with.

    She is well spoken and performed our ceremony beautifully. She interacted with the guests and even threw a little humor into the ceremony. One thing I really did like about her was that she did not stand up front in between us, so our backs were to all our guests. She stood off to the side, so that we faced her and our guests could actually see us. That may not seem like a big deal, but after all was said and done I think it was nice that our guests who came to see US, were able to actually see us!


    Not once did she make us include a reading or even words that we did not agree with. She tailored our ceremony to us as a couple. She was always willing to answer any and all questions we had throughout the process and she was always so sweet. She is also very affordable, compared to some of the other officiants and celebrants in the area. I don't see the need to pay an officiant extravagant amounts of money when you can hire someone like Ann Marie who will give you a wonderful, amazing ceremony and not cost you an arm and a leg. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for an officiant who will make their ceremony unique, individual and meaningful. She is a wonderful and loving woman!


     Ross and Meredith Fangio

    All the help and suggestions that Rev. Ann Marie provided along the way helped us make the perfect selections for our ceremony. We couldn't have done it without her. She really made our wedding extra special and memorable. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend and amazing coach.


  Angie and Gary Bienkowski

Rev. Acacio did an outstanding job as the officiant of our wedding. She had wonderful suggestions for us on how to make our vows and ceremony unique and special. We highly recommend her and her many services. Thank you again for being a part of our big day.


       Will and Jamie Johns

    When we were deciding who would officiate our wedding ceremony, Rev. Ann Marie was one of the first people to come to mind. Being an experienced event planner and floral designer, one of the things decided was to have a small and personal ceremony, completely opposite of what you may think would be chosen. As a same-sex couple with mixed Catholic and Jewish backgrounds, Rev. Ann Marie was very easy to talk to when making choices for the ceremony. Rev. Ann Marie really helped us put together a simple but very meaningful program for our wedding. The way she approaches wedding ceremony planning could be described as "hands-on with a gentle touch." We would highly recommend Ann Marie to anyone who is looking to have a special, meaningful and personal wedding experience. Our thanks goes out to Rev. Ann Marie!


       Heath Luckenbill and Ilan Capone

    Our wedding day was everything we had hoped it would be and I am so happy that Rev. Ann Marie was a huge part of it!! Rev. Ann Marie met with us ahead of time to discuss the ceremony and to learn a little about us. She is very warm and patient and was totally willing to work with us in our choice of Buddhist touches and readings. She answered all emails and questions promptly which was nice considering that not all vendors were so prompt in their responses.


    We had a Tree Planting ceremony, and I wasn't sure the venue had a table for our plant, and Rev. Ann Marie was kind enough to offer a table from her own home!!! We still receive compliments about our ceremony over two months later. One of my friends had gone to 4 weddings this summer and said she enjoyed our ceremony the most! That was so nice to hear! I will most definitely recommend her, she exceeded our expectations!!


        Leila and Dan Ganjeh

    We cannot say enough positive things about Rev. Ann Marie. She made us feel so comfortable during the wedding planning process and truly eased our minds to any concerns we had. She created a unique ceremony for us, and it was absolutely perfect. All of our family and friends told us how much they loved our ceremony and how different it was than any other wedding they had been to. We will always cherish how special she made our day.


  Thank you,


       Chad and Lia Crispell

    Thank you again for a beautiful ceremony. It was everything we could have asked for!


        Bethany and Michael Chmielewski

    Being non-religious, we were hesitant at first to have an actual reverend as our officiant. I'm glad we got over that hesitation. From the first meeting to the last minute of the ceremony, Rev. Ann Marie made us feel comfortable and was never judgmental about our beliefs. Little touches like the sand ceremony and personal (secular) readings made the audience teary-eyed and full of laughter and joy! With Rev. Ann Marie's guidance and help, we were able to have the ceremony we always envisioned. Beautiful, simple, and elegant. BELIEVE it when Rev. Ann Marie says she can perform ANY ceremony and mold it to exactly what you want. She can and she did.


       Sarah Swiderski and Stephen Rowles

    Reverend Ann Marie was the officiant at our wedding at the Frederick Stegmaier Mansion. Rev. Ann Marie took the time to learn about us and encouraged us to learn more about ourselves. She made the ceremony a truly memorable experience. We will always carry that wonderful day and her words of wisdom and love with us forever. Our family and friends thought Rev. Ann Marie was terrific and added a warm and personal touch to a beautiful ceremony. Her recommendations for the readings and "Memory Candle" were welcome memories we would not have thought of. We both thank you so much for your guidance. You truly have a special gift.


       Deb and Bogue Cummings

     The ceremony was fantastic and went exactly how we visioned it. I received so many compliments on how the service went and how well it was put together! We would really like to thank you for all that you did and making our day as special as it was!


  Thank you so very much!

        Holly and Bill Check!

   Thank you again for helping us join together in marriage in such a beautiful and meaningful way! We will always remember how special your words were on our wedding day.


        Alicia and Jay Richards

     Rev. Ann Marie performs a personal heartfelt wedding ceremony. She really gets to know each couple and how they compliment each other. All of our guests commented on how great the ceremony was! She made us laugh, cry (just a little), and smile. The ceremony was perfect!


        Lisa and Ken Weygand

    Reverend Ann Marie was such a pleasure to work with leading up to our marriage. It was difficult for my husband and me to come to a common ground in regard to where we would get married.

Tom and I have different levels of spirituality so I was concerned with planning our ceremony in a way that we would both be satisfied. I wanted to be sure that our ceremony had meaning and was not a 5 minute exchange of vows and a kiss.

    After talking with Reverend Ann Marie and discussing what she could do for our ceremony, I was so relieved and knew that she cold give us exactly what we wanted and make both of us happy. When we officially planned out our ceremony a few months before, I knew we had made a wonderful decision by asking the Reverend to perform our ceremony. At that time, she asked Tom and me a few questions and incorporated our responses into our ceremony. This really added a personal touch to the ceremony.

    Our ceremony was beautiful and included readings, as well a Sand Ceremony, which included our son and my husband's two sons. Reverend Ann Marie read a beautiful passage during the Sand Ceremony about how the marriage was also about the children. It was perfect for our family.

    We received many compliments from our guests about how wonderful and sweet Reverend Ann Marie was and how beautiful our ceremony was. We had such a wonderful experience with her and would highly recommend her to anyone deciding to marry outside of the church. We will forever remember our wedding ceremony, thanks to her!


        Sophia & Thomas Shortz

Reverend Ann Marie,

    I was nervous planning a Pennsylvania wedding from Florida. Besides just the logistics of the event, I was concerned that the intimate,informal celebration was going to get lost in a cookie-cutter wedding package. However, we found just the opposite to be true with Rev. Ann Marie. When I couldn't make my visits match up with her schedule, she was able to hold our planning sessions via Skype and confirmed all of the details by e-mail.

    Although she had a complete ceremony outline available for us, she quickly adapted to every suggested change and offered ideas for how to best incorporate my plans into the flow of the day's events. From start to finish, Rev. Ann Marie emphasized that this was a celebration of OUR love and it was her responsibility to help us in that endeavor. In the end, we had a wonderful ceremony surrounded by people we loved.


        Pat McGowan

    Hello Rev. Ann Marie. I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful service you provided for our wedding. I think I can say with all confidence that everyone's favorite part was Kevin's promise to Madison.... there wasn't a dry eye in the bunch! Including us!!! You were so easy to work with and Kevin and I both had a great day.


  Thank you again!


        Christine & Kevin Ball

    Dave and I want to thank you for officiating our wedding and making it such a special and beautiful Ceremony. We appreciate that you made it such a special and personal experience by incorporating what you learned about us at our first meeting. Everyone is still talking about what a lovely Ceremony it was!


        Cathy and Dave Cross

    Rev. Ann Marie is very nice, accommodating and responsive, which makes it very easy to organize that part of the wedding. She provided us with a lot of ideas, suggestions and explanations, all with a smile on her face. We communicated by email and Skype, since we did a destination wedding, and it worked just fine. She created a very meaningful ceremony for us, including our moms in the candle ceremony, which was touching. We made the right decision with her and couldn't be more pleased.


        Georgina & Rawl Hodges

    Reverend Ann Marie Acacio was the officiant at our wedding on July 7, 2012. From the moment we met her, we knew that we wanted her to do the ceremony. She is an extremely warm, caring, and loving individual, and those qualities carry over to her officiating. She does everything she can to personalize the wedding ceremony and make it special.


    For us, the ceremony was the most important part of our wedding day, and we can absolutely say that it was due to Reverend Ann Marie. She took the time to learn about

what brought us together and incorporated that into the ceremony. She had wonderful readings to choose from, or you could use your own. She will work with you in any way to make the ceremony beautiful and meaningful.


    We could not be happier with our choice to have Reverend Ann Marie as our officiant. We highly recommend her for your ceremony.


        Ed & Janet Malia

Dear Reverend Ann Marie,


    Rick and I wanted to thank you again for uniting us in marriage. It meant a lot to us that you took the time to get to know us as individuals and then put together a very meaningful ceremony. Our friends and family were moved and so were we.




        Patty and Rick Zimmerman

Dear Ann Marie,

    In our first meeting with you to discuss our Wedding Ceremony, you asked Ken and me to reflect on a specific question, which unfolded into a moving moment for both of us. We were able to share with each other and with you the joy that we feel in our relationship. At that meeting, you hinted at a “surprise”, which turned out to be your weaving into the ceremony those personal expressions of our love: our admiration of, respect for, and commitment to one another.

    Ken and I are both in our forties and feel that, after a long journey along very different paths, we have found our soul mate. Your crafting a ceremony that reflected the various facets of our relationship, recognizing us both as individuals and as a united couple was, as it should be, the centerpiece of the joyous celebration of our marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony and the threshold into a long life of joy and unity.


        Anne Massey & Ken Bogert

    Hello Rev. Ann Marie. When we were faced with changing the ceremony. it became the most stressful point of the planning. After being referred, I realized what a excellent choice! I knew I couldn't go wrong.

    You were so inviting to Mike and I. We were so relieved how you took the time to get to know us and our story. You even counseled us since planning the event can bring couples to loose sight of the reason they decided to do this in the first place. When the meeting ended, Mike and I were smiling ear to ear and couldn't stop holding hands that night. Your love and talent for what you've been called to do shines.

    The rehearsal went quick and flawless. The ceremony...AMAZING! I never felt so much love in a room. You did a wonderful job because everything you do comes from the heart and it shows. The readings, the vows and the exchange of rings were all picked by Mike and myself, but; the ceremony's atmosphere was very personal and intimate. You made every person in that room feel they played a veryspecial part (of which they did) to our day. It was because of you , Rev Ann Marie, we will never forget why were decided to get married because you reminded us and then sealed the deal. Thank you my dear friend. Words are not enough indeed.


        Carla & Michael Jagodzinski

    Thank you so much Rev. Ann Marie for such a beautiful ceremony. You made our day so much more special. You guided us through the whole ceremony. Our family and friends complimented you during the reception. The readings were so beautiful. Thank you again for everything.


        Debbie & Mark Mamola

    We wanted to express our thanks to you for helping us make our wedding extra special. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and giving our ceremony a personal touch.


    Thank you, especially, for your idea of having our guests stand around us. It made our wedding so much more intimate and was exactly what we were thinking of when the snow prevented us from being outdoors. We hope you keep in touch!


        Laurie & Ron Ayler

    We are so blessed that you married us. From our first meeting with you we knew that you would do everything possible to make our wedding ceremony personal, you did that and much more. The poems were lovely, vows so meaningful, hand-fastening and sand ceremonies memorable, blessings comforting, but it was your warmth and caring from the heart that made it special.

    We want to thank you for everything that you did to make our day the beautiful day it was and for being who you are, making the world brighter with your presence.


        Debbie & Albert Lozano

    To think, we had actually delayed getting married because we couldn’t decide on the right setting. We wanted so much for our wedding to be special as we’d waited so long to be united together. We had first met 25 years ago, and about 5 years ago had found our way back into each other’s lives. After looking at Ann Marie’s web site and having our first meeting with Ann Marie as a couple, we felt sure that she had an understanding of the nature of our relationship. We chose some readings together and talked about the way our big day would flow. We got married on Valentine’s Day, in our house, in front of a cozy fire and with our closest family around us. Bride and groom lit a Unity candle, and father, daughter, and new step mom performed a sand ceremony, creating ritual and memories which made the day extraordinary and unforgettable.

    Ann Marie has a special gift - a sensitivity to the deepest, unspoken needs and desires of others. The laughter was warm, as well as the tears of happiness which flowed that day, as everyone felt that they were a part of the marriage ceremony. Our families complimented Ann Marie on the beautiful service that she shared with us. We will always remember our special day with love in our hearts.


        Dee & Gary Bonneau

    Having known Reverend Ann Marie Acacio for several years through Unity Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA, we knew immediately that she would be the perfect person to perform our wedding services. Not only did she make the preparation for our wedding an enjoyable experience, we walked away with a better understanding of our own commitment to each other.


    And the wedding ceremony itself – a dream come true! Reverend Acacio tailored the ceremony to our needs and I have to say, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Reverend Acacio is understanding, kind, and very patient! Believe me, with 22 people in the wedding party, we put her to the test!!


        Maria & Jonathan

    We could not be happier to have chosen Reverend Ann Marie to perform our wedding ceremony. She was so professional and accommodating and was not at all distracted by our large wedding party of 19!We loved how she took the time out to meet with us and was always there to answer any questions that we had or help us design our ceremony just right.


    She really took the time to get to know us as couple and make us feel at ease. It was wonderful how she was able to help us through a rehearsal, if only to calm an anxious bride's nerves! The readings she suggested and incorporated into our ceremony really set the tone and truly exemplified what we wanted our day to be about. Needless to say, our wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect and people constantly compliment us on how beautiful our special day was, all thanks to Reverend Ann Marie!


        Jennifer & Malik Gadsden

    Reverend Ann Marie is great! Our wedding was put together in a couple of months and she was advised of it only a couple of weeks before the date. She had no problem with the minimal time frame and for an anxious bride with many worries, she was very compassionate.


    She pays attention to the couple involved and gets a feel for who they are and what they stand for. She took all that into consideration and made a wonderful ceremony to fit us as a couple. Many heartfelt thanks go out to a wonderful lady, who is highly recommended! Thanks for making our day special.


        Cara & Ian Nelson

    Chris and I were honored to have Rev. Ann Marie Acacio officiate our wedding because of the positive light that she always shines on her services. Her connection to Spirit and divine intention truly blessed our union.


    She recommended readings and song choices for our ceremony that added a special touch. We had many compliments from guests saying that our wedding ceremony was one of the most beautiful ones they had ever attended. We were truly delighted.


        Sarah & Chris McGowan

     When I searched for wedding officiants Rev. Ann Marie responded to me right away. We coordinated the date and time of the wedding on the phone and she was very helpful and eager to meet us. As soon as we met her to create our ceremony, we knew right away she was the perfect person to perform our ceremony. She is very professional, responsive, flexible, and provides a high quality service! She is very pleasant and speaks so eloquently! She welcomed us to her home and performed a beautiful ceremony in her own backyard full of beautiful flowers! I cannot find enough words to describe how wonderful she is or how special she made us feel. We are very pleased with her service and will definitely be recommending her to anyone we know who is seeking an officiant.


      Thank you Rev. Ann Marie!

          Meganne and Matthew Ditzler

    Rev. Ann Marie Acacio was wonderful to work with! She took the time to get to know my husband and myself and explained the entire process to us. She participated in a smooth rehearsal, and the day of the wedding was flawless! My family and friends from the wedding all had wonderful things to say about how lovely she conducted the ceremony,and we agree 100%!!!!


Thank you so very much for making our day so special!


     Matthew and Desiree Phillips

Ann Marie was a great officiant. She helped us design a ceremony that was uniquely our own. We highly recommend her.


    The Beckers

 We are very grateful to have had such a sweet woman marry us. When meeting with Rev. Ann Marie at her house, she made us feel at home while we discussed our upcoming wedding! I can admit I was very nervous for the ceremony but Ann Marie made it very comforting for us. I highly recommend her as your Officiant!


   Matthew and Kristen Bowen

Rev. Ann Marie Acacio is a very warm and sweet person. She is very professional and made my fiancée and myself feel very at ease during the stressful time of wedding planning. We met with her and talked about love, life and we all laughed together. From the wedding rehearsal to the day of the wedding, she was a pro! If my wife and I renew our vows, in the near future, we would be honored to do so with Rev. Ann Marie.


   Eric and Pat Henderson

Thank you for being part of our special day! The ceremony was beautiful! It was truly one of the best days of our lives!


   Bill and Jennifer Hess

Rev. Ann Marie Acacio is outstanding!

She got to know us as individuals and as a couple before our wedding. By doing this, she was able to personalize our ceremony and make it warm and memorable, not only for us but for our families and guests, as well. We received countless compliments regarding Rev. Acacio from our guests.

We believe Rev. Acacio truly loves what she does and has a genuine love and concern for those she helps. She is also very prompt with responses, organized, and a beautiful person inside and out. So glad we found her!


   Nick and Dana Cortes

    Reverend Ann Marie was an absolute pleasure to work with! She takes the time to get to know the couples on a deeper level which helps to build rapport and a strong connection. She helped us customize our ceremony to make it one that was unique. I received many compliments throughout the evening on how lovely our ceremony was! I would recommend Ann Marie to anyone looking for a professional, kind, and courteous wedding officiant. Thank you so much for helping us create the perfect ceremony. Your time, patience, and encouragement throughout the process were greatly appreciated!


     Jesse and Alecia Lyons

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